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About Me

Today (2015) I am a young woman of 27, happy and successful. In my own words, I aim at continuous success as I go along, and telling myself that I am a success everyday is part of that plan.

The cold facts are: I am a pupil, turned student, turned counsellor, turned consultant, turned claims handler. I am an extrovert person who likes to throw all my projects into the air, take ones closet to heart, and explore.

I moved to Australia roughly when I was 17. I finished high school, and went on to university there. After about 5 years I came back just before turning 22, as I missed Denmark, my family and friends, and my city; Copenhagen.

Already back then, I wanted to inspire, and so I thought my path led to be a teacher. However after just one year, I loathed the institution and left, with a great deal of knowledge and network, which I used both consulting as well as counselling. In both I aimed to inspire, inspire coaches to where their business could blossom, introduce the right people (bother the right people), and in counselling guiding and inspiring young students in travelling to study abroad. I loved it. I loved coming out to speak to various gatherings, conferences, receptions and so on. I felt alive.

Due to unfortunate circumstances I left the counselling job, and went on to work in insurance. Supposed just temporary, but for the first time in a long time, I met a group of people and a set of values, that inspired me! I stayed, and I am still here… whether this is the last stop I don’t know yet.

I believe, that not all find success on the same paths. Those be paths of life, love, work and so on. 

I am a person in search of continuous development and inspiration, in life, friends, family and all of you, who wants to add to this blog.

I want to discuss the subjects on my mind. I want us to look at art, fashion, politics, health, fitness, society and the things you might ask me.

Most of all, I just want to entertain, and let you all in on

Welcome, enjoy...My Jazzy Life

About MeBlogVirtually jazzyContact MeFeedback